Vision & Philosophy

All of our teachers and administrators are focussed on creating an ideal learning environment that is supportive, encouraging and inspiring.

We understand that young people need a variety of specially developed programs to begin and enhance their learning opportunities.

We believe that each pupil can achieve his or her individual potential for communicating in English.

Cultivating a child’s desire for a lifetime of learning starts with the development of independent thinking and natural curiosity.

Every student accomplishes and discovers English proficiency at his or her own pace. CLC is committed to developing and providing courses, tutorials and programs that are ideal for each child.

Children and teenagers
best learn English in
a nurturing and
supportive setting

Macao - Taipa Centre
Canadian Learning Centre
Rua Fernao Mendes Pinto No. 102
Chuen Yuet Garden "A" R/C
Taipa, Macao
T: +853 2882 7710