Summer School

The goal of our Summer School is to bring students valuable and
fun-filled learning experiences. Our introductory program has a wide
range of educational activities for students to choose from.

Our summer programs focus on keeping students motivated to learn.
English is used for all courses. Children with limited English proficiency will benefit from a complete English immersion program.

Kindergarten, ages 2-5
Younger students will tap into their imagination, engaging in songs and
chants that promote active speaking, listening and singing English.
During play activities that are designed to match the natural stages of
young learners, students will be part of a total English environment as
they engage in dialogue with their class members. Courses include
dramatic expression using music, drama, dance and visual art.

Primary School, Grade 1-6
Primary students will discover the ease of learning English during
conversational role playing, language games, songs, storytelling,
and developmental writing. Each student will be given an opportunity
to speak out in frequent English skits and presentations. With a
full program of activities, students will learn English quickly while
having fun. Other important courses that help with emotional, physical
and intellectual development include computer, drama, visual arts,
sports skills and robotics.

Middle School, Grade 7-9
Older students are challenged with more intensive but fun courses
such as English language and writing, math, interactive science and
sport development.

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