Pre-Kindergarten Preparation

Our Pre-Kindergarten Preparation classes are designed for students from the age of 18 months and who plan to enter Pre-Kindergarten in an international school environment in the following school year. Students will be provided with a nurturing environment and engaging activities to help them become independent.

Each class is led by a trained and certified teacher and teaching assistant. A small, maximum class of 15 students allows each child to benefit from individual care and attention.

The language of instruction is English and the teachers are qualified teachers from Canada. The course is aligned with the curriculum at The International School of Macao and is designed to ensure a smooth transition into Pre-Kindergarten and the larger school environment.

Along with teaching students literacy and numeracy through songs, games and activities, Pre-Kindergarten Prep focuses on teaching students social skills and independence, so they will be fully prepared to enter the pre-kindergarten in a school environment.

Half day and full day programs are available, separated into age groups. All children must be at least 18 months at time of attendance.

Join our program today to give your child a head-start when entering Kindergarten!
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