Our Proven Methods & Results

Our programs reflect the need for a variety of learning opportunities. They allow each student to find success at learning English. Students are encouraged to actively participate, which gives them opportunities to create real-life interactions in English and develop their confidence. The CLC teachers understand that learning a language is best accomplished within a classroom that combines social interactions and explicit teaching practises.

As students progress through program levels, each level of learning will incorporate language from the previous year in a spiral method. New material is repeated and progressively added on to previous material. Students who can develop their English skills by building on what they have already learned will feel successful and be more motivated to learn more.

Why do students play games?

Games help students learn in a non-stressful environment. If the brain is not stressed, it will remember information much better.
Games provide:

  • teachers with a fun way to review vocabulary several times without making students bored;
  • a base to build confidence in students so they will easily participate in speaking English; and
  • a strategy to help motivate students to participate in class.

Learning is an
individual as well as a
collective process

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