CLC's English language tutorial sessions allow children and teenagers
to socialize and learn English in a school setting. Qualified teachers
provide younger and older students with English instruction to gain
confident skills in all aspects of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The after school ESL programs use "Let's Go", which supports
educational research that delivers a variety of active and stimulating
activities to promote students' potential for learning. More than 20
million students have followed the "Let's Go" programs to learn English around the world.

CLC's programs for students from the age of six ais to develop:

• Student confidence
• Listening comprehension
• Speaking fluency and pronunciation
• Vocabulary building
• Independent reading skills
• Writing fluency

The programs are supported by professional native English-speaking
teachers who use a variety of effective teaching strategies, including:

• Repetition of skills and vocabulary
• Rotation from individual to group focus
• Singing
• Visual stimulus
• Physical response

Sound Phonics programs are available to students who need to focus
on developing skills to become successful speakers and writers of
English. These programs teach students how to identify and manipulate speech sounds, correct spelling choices and become independent learners.

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