Boarding Schools

A number of Canadian Boarding schools are specifically designed with international students in mind, while most others have programs to accommodate international students. Boarding schools can be expensive and may have academic entrance requirements. Below is a list of some of these schools.

British Columbia

Bodewell High School (North Vancouver)
"We provide a culturally-diverse environment for students from around the globe, and enable them to become active learners and well-rounded citizens who contribute positively to the world."

Brentwood (Vancouver Island)
"Set on pristine oceanfront on the sheltered east coast of Vancouver Island, the 75-acre campus is private, but not isolated...The Brentwood tripartite programme puts academics at the core of the curriculum, while creating extensive opportunities for all students to participate in athletics and the arts."

St. George's School
All boys
"St. George's School is a world-class boys' school offering a day program to boys in Grade 1 to 12 and a boarding program to students in Grades 8 to 12."

St. Margaret's School (Victoria)
All girls
"Founded in Victoria in 1908, Saint Margaret's is the oldest day and boarding school for girls in British Columbia. It is a school known for its rigorous and rich academic standards, featuring Senior School Honours and Accelerated Programmes as well as Advanced Placement courses."

St. MIchael's University School (Victoria)
"Our school is a community. Both boarding and day students form friendships they will maintain for their entire lives. The motto of one of the two founding schools, University School, is mens sana in corpore sano: 'a healthy mind in a healthy body.'"

Shawinigan Lake (Vancouver Island)
"At Shawnigan, the journey always begins and ends with the individual. No two young people are the same, and the art of a boarding school like ours is to cultivate their unique talents while teaching them to learn together, to work together, to play together and to live together."

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